2004 - 100 Plus Hall of Fame


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In response to the "Bonus Offer," special recognition is given to these event participants

Pre-Registration "Bike Riders" & Sponsors

Sue Merriman

Sponsored by:

John Markovitch

Center Quick Lube

Frank Andrews

Olga Simoni

Shawn Hogan

Doug Obenaug

Bob Roberts

Sue Merriman

Jay I. Reznik D.M.D., M.D.S.

J Barry Sumner

Sponsored by:

Sumner Car Wash

Larry A. Lutz, Jr.

Sponsored by:

Smugglers Enterprises

Junak's Auto Repair

Edward F. Stevens III

Sponsored by:

Margaret Stevens

Edward Stevens

Samuel Stevens

Bill Campbell

Sponsored by:

K and C Machine, Inc.

Rod Patterson

Sponsored by:

Roxanne Patterson

Donna Matters

Sponsored by:

Meridith Battery Co., Inc.

Pizza To Go

R.A.M. Maintenance

D.G.  & Megan Naim


Robert & Mirim Weiser

Sponsored by:

Mastercast Bullet Co.

Nick Mancini

Randy Contray

Rick Hondricks

MJ Hutchinson

Rudy Prigorec

George Szilvasi

Ron Hulzenseter

Keith Myers

Bob Wheeler

Jim McGeehan

Frank Ross

Beaver Co. Sheriffs Office

Robert Weiser

David Kydd

Bill Scheidemantle

BC Kenny

Sean Sauserman

Tim Gatehouse

Dale Gatehouse

Ralph Luther

Beaver Valley Police Revolver League

William Helterbran

Doug Carney

Felix Deluca

Mark Taylor

Stephen L. Johnson

Back Door Tavern

Anthony Sessoms

Sponsored by:


Brian Tice

Sponsored by:

Ed Hammill

Mike Boswell

Jason Dolence

Chuck Haggos

Wally Wickline


Ray Bandish

Mike Farrell

Sponsored by:

Whitehall Police Department

Chris & Janice Lemmon

Sponsored by:

Beaver Valley Rifle & Pistol Club

Timothy & Georgia Wahl

Sponsored by:

K&K Gourmet Meats

Kurt Kightlinger

James Bologna

Carol Irvin

Barb Harrison

Tim Whal

Royal D., Jr. & Boyanne Hart

Sponsored by:

Dawn St. Clair

Pat Fetkovich

Bert Hart

Gene Livingston

Dan Miller

BCTA Employees

Adam McCartney

Sponsored by:

Joann DiCroce

Linzee Clare

Brian C

Jerry A. Meadows

Debbie Stiffler

Adam & Mary McCartney

John Romano

Chris Yingling

Sponsored by:

Highland Middle School

Gau Yingling

Diane Chucko

Chris Yingling

Scott Kleber

Sponsored by:

Carol L. Moore

patricia Kleber

Alexander's Restaurant

Tic Toc Deli

Talerico's Bar & Grill

Michael J. Banovsky

Sponsored by:

Mickey Fynnich

Fred Fattore

Tim Campbell

Andy Benedict

Gloria Welsh

Brett Musselman & Linda Su Shaffer

Sponsored by:

Jim Dancy

Robert Czermak

Mike Suder

Vivian Silvestri

Sandy Ness

Troy Cooper

John Skoutelas

Mike Atkovitz

Eli Brill

The Dhanse Family

Karen Osilka

Karen Otterburn

Carol Kupits

Linda Su Shaffer

Brett Musselman

Terry & Patricia Ahlborn

Sponsored by:

Ahlborn Pluming & Heating

Tejan Chiropractic, Inc.

Alderman Enterprise

David Wilson

Inches Nursery

C&L Tool Supply, Inc.

Bella Tans & Nails

Sam Bruno

Sponsored by:

The Cafe

Sweetwater Needle & Thread Works

Note Cellos' Restaurant of Sewickley

Brosie's Car Wash


Philip J. & Roberta Morris

Amanda Connolly

Sponsored by:

Shari Mcgill


Tom Gray

Doreen Klugh

Aly Goss

Amanda Connolly

Susan Haley

John Dobransky

Loretta Tarquino

Mary Beth Bowler

Sam & Michele Segneri

Sponsored by:

Segneri's Italian Restaurant

Renie Lehockey

Sponsored by:

Holy Trinity Philoptochos Society

Holy Trinity Greed Orthodox Church


Pre-Registration "Classic Cars" & Sponsors

Cruzin Few Car Club

George & Wendy Birocco

Sponsored by:

Birocco's Transmission

Suman Automotive

Sandy's Deli

Nadine Safran

Sherree's Styling Studio

John & Diane Lee

Sponsored by:

Melissa McWilliams

Brenda Carr

Jason Lee

Amy Molchan

Diane Lee

John Lee, Jr.

Cheryl Srafin


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