2004 Thank You!

The BRAVE Riders and anyone associated with this effort wish to offer our deepest appreciation to all Professional Emergency Service providers who enforce and protect, patrol and provide and in many ways and at all times of the day and night, stand at the ready, and often, in harms way for our families and communities.

The people, businesses and organizations listed on this page are major contributors to this event.  Many listed here not only gave their resources but also gave of themselves.

James W. Naim Memorial FOP Lodge 26 Aliquippa-Hopewell

Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club Chapters PA VII & PA XXI

Aliquippa School Board & School District

PA State Troopers

Beaver County Commissioners

Sheriff Felix Deluca

Les Young and B.A.C.U.P.

Community College of Beaver County

Geneva College

Tom King

Rev. S. McKeown

Bettina Haynes

"Ziggy" & The Pittsburgh Emerald Society

Beaver County Sheriff's Department

Arnie Klein Attorney at Law

Cottrill, Arbutina & Associates, P.C.

George Musi - BRAVE Riders Logo Design

Judy Williamson

Johanna Hackett, JNM Associates

Christian Motorcycle Assoc. Chapter 138

Michael Lutz - PA State FOP

Music Express & Tanning

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